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Nordic Fitness - first concept introduction in the UK
Nordic Fitness is a new and exciting year-round concept of ultra-effective all-body workouts, achieved through a range of outdoor sports exercises geared towards developing or improving your health and fitness. They're a great way to lose weight or stay in shape and, at the same time, have fun in the great outdoors. 
The Nordic Fitness concept was pioneered in the UK in 2004 led by specialist Nordic Fitness sports teacher Heathley Clarke, and has rapidly gained interest and popularity.

Nordic Fitness uses special lightweight poles and other equipment, such as Inline Skates/Rollerblades, Snow Skis or Roller Skis, to increase upper and lower body physical activity. Each has a common theme - Nordic Fitness - which maximises aerobic exercise.
Heathley is passionate about Nordic Sports, and has over 25 years of fitness sports experience, ranging from Alpine and Nordic Skiing, to Rollerskiing and Snowshoeing.
Why Instruction is important
Qualified instruction provides you with the very best introduction to Nordic Fitness, providing you with the knowledge and practical illustration of the right techniques that you need in order to obtain maximum health and fitness benefits.
Heathley is fully qualified and accredited to instruct in all Nordic Fitness, following achievement of the very high standards and levels of technical competence set by national and international governing bodies responsible for each sport.
High Quality Professionalism and Value for Money
Heathley provides affordable, high quality, professional instruction and coaching for all Nordic Fitness, which is great value for money. Coupled with extensive instruction and coaching experience, his observational, motivational and fault correction skills will ensure you receive the very best advice for your chosen exercise.
Heathley's unique approach and method of instruction will allow you to learn the basic techniques quickly and safely, allowing you to obtain maxiumum benefits without spending lots of time and effort.
The use of video analysis (optional) during your instructional session will enable you to observe yourself performing the sport, as this forms an integral and valuable part of the feedback.
Heathley is approved by the UK Government to work with Children and Juniors aged under 18.
Who would benefit from Nordic Fitness?
Everyone can benefit from Nordic Fitness: Adults and Juniors, either as a fun way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or a means to aid/complement rehabilitation exercises, or for specific cross-training for other sports.
Nordic Fitness is not simply another 'five-minute wonder', they're a fitness revolution in their own right - millions of Europeans already enjoy them! With different exercises to choose from you can have fantastic workouts in the great outdoors, working your heart and lungs hard, in a controlled yet highly effective way.

Nordic Fitness Qualifications
Heathley holds a unique set of qualifications and accreditations in Nordic Fitness and complimentary sports/outdoor activities, guaranteeing professional quality instruction:

Nordic Walking
Instructor - (Heathley is one of two UK instructors with this qualification)
Nordic Walking
Instructor - (Heathley was the UK's 2nd qualified Instructor)
Nordic Blading (Nordic Inline Skating)
Instructor - (Heathley is the UK's only qualified Instructor)


Coach in Running Fitness (UK Athletics)

Cross-country Skiing
Nordic National Ski Teacher (ISIA)
Alpine Skiing
Alpine Skiing
Development Coach
Nordic Snowshoeing
Nordic Rollerskiing

All exercises are fully insured.
Heathley was trained in Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Austria by international leaders in Nordic Fitness sports.

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