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Buying Guide
(Nordic Walking, Rollerskiing and Cross-country Skiing clothing and equipment suppliers)
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There is a wide range of clothing and equipment available from leading, quality international suppliers. Whilst I do not supply products directly to customers, listed below is a personally recommended selection of high quality and reliable suppliers, and links to their websites where you can buy online/source local retailers.

Dependent upon your budget, or fashion desires, please remember that better quality products will not only last longer, they will enhance your exercise and therefore enjoyment of Nordic Fitness sports. For Cross-country Skiing, you need the following clothing: jacket (non-Alpine skiing), pants (non-Alpine), thermal underwear (top & bottoms), gloves (non-Alpine) and hat.

Cross-country Skiing Clothing & Equipment Suppliers

Ski Willy (Austria) and Sport Albert (Germany) are both retail and internet shops specialising in all your Cross-country skiing needs. They stock all major brands of clothing and equipment and sell individual items for shipping to the UK. Fast, friendly service and they speak excellent English! Deliveries to the UK within days, at reasonable rates. Both highly recommended!

Ski Willy

Sport Albert

Leki are a premium German manufacturer of a wide range of both Nordic Walking, Nordic Blading, and Cross-country Skiing poles, and are the number one trekking pole in the UK. Leki are well known for innovative solutions in all their poles, such as the patented Trigger system and Shark grip. 

My personal favourite for Nordic Blading / Rollerskiing poles!


Swix are a Norwegian company with a long history and pedigree of manufacturing Cross-country Skiing poles. Their range are amongst the lightest poles on the market - great for the sporty skier.

My personal favourite for Nordic Walking and Cross-country skiing poles and clothing!


Odlo are a high quality Swiss company specialising in functional sports clothing. They have a great range of both Nordic Walking and Cross-country Skiing clothing.

My personal favourite for Nordic Walking clothing!


Bjorn Daehlie (Norway) is the most famous and successful Cross-country skier. His range of highly functional and attractive Cross-country Skiing clothing is becoming the most popular and sought-after brand.

Bjorn Daehlie

Fischer are an Austrian company who are the world market leaders in Cross-country skis.

My personal favourite - Skating Nordic Hole!

Fischer invented the Nordic Cruising (Classic technique) ski, which has a wide base (with Crown) enabling skiers of all levels to simply 'click and go'.


Marwe are a Finnish company specialising in manufacturing high quality Rollerskis, and they are available to buy online in the UK from Euroski

My personal favourite for Classic and Skating rollerskis!

Marwe Rollerskis

Salomon are a French company with a major heritage in snowsports equipment. Their Nordic Fitness clothing range is both functional and visually attractive. Salomon's sports performance footwear is technologically advanced, and a class above the competition. Check out their superb Goretex XCR shoes if you're a serious Nordic Walker!

My personal favourite for Nordic Walking shoes - XA Pro 3D GTX!


One Way Sport are a Finnish company with a reputation for innovation and flair, as is demonstrated by their fashionable, yet functional poles, for both Nordic Walking and Cross-country Skiing, supplying to many of the World Cup teams.

One Way Sport

(Links to my Partners)

Nordic Fitness has partnered with Exodus Holidays - an award-winning company based in the UK. Exodus has over 33 years experience providing adventure holidays and are world leaders in organising travel to Europe.
They pride themselves on their approach to environmental tourism, and provide high quality, yet value for money holidays to Cross-country Skiing enthusiasts, whether beginner or advanced.
With instruction included, Exodus Holidays will appeal to all tastes, and offer you a chance to experience a winter holiday with a difference!

Exodus Cross-country Skiing Holidays

Euroski have been supplying Nordic Cross-country Skiing equipment since 1973, and customers include the British Army racing teams and other Cross-country skiing clubs across the UK. Their goal is to provide a fast, efficient and friendly service. They also supply Gabel Nordic Walking poles.
Based in East Sussex, Euroski provide an on-line and telephone mail order service, shipping UK-wide. Their range includes most types of Cross-country skiing equipment, including: Back-Country, Light Touring, Mountain Touring, Nordic Cruising, Racing, and Rollerskis. If you cannot locate the items you are looking for, please telephone or email them (see their website for details).


Nordic Fitness has partnered with the German Nordic Fitness Organisation to promote their excellent Nordic Fitness Sports DVD - "World of Nordic Fitness in 7 Steps".
The DVD illustrates the techniques of Nordic Walking, Nordic Inline Skating and Nordic Winter Fitness using a proven and structured teaching method (7 Steps), set amongst Austrian mountains. With full instructional and technical explanations, this English language DVD is a must for the enthusiastic or aspiring Nordic Fitness individual! Click on the picture to order your copy (via Germany).

World of Nordic Fitness in 7 Steps DVD

Ski School Sjusjoen – This 68 page book is about removing the mysteries that seem to surround Cross-country Skiing in the minds of people from milder climates. Questions like: Would it suit me? How fit should I be? What should I take with me? How difficult is it to learn? Do I need ski school? You will find the answers to these questions in this book.
Divided into three sections: Information, Technical, and Practical, and focussing on the Classic technique only, author Keith Richardson (BASI Grade 1) has been involved in ski teaching for over 30 years, and lives and works in Lillehammer, Norway. Click on the picture to order.

Walking on Snow

Rollerblading / Inline Skating instruction. If you need help getting to Rollerblading Nirvana, then you’ve reached the right place.
Nordic Fitness has partnered with Skatefresh who have highly qualified Rollerblading / Inline Skating instructors to transform your first shaky steps into confident inline skaters of every level. They provide inline skate lessons, workshops and classes for adults and children all over London. 


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