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Nordic Cross-country Skiing - Classic and Skating Techniques

IMPORTANT: Fitness Code

You are advised that Nordic Fitness sports are active, all-body exercises, and that prior to your participation in supervised instruction you must inform Heathley of any medical condition that may affect your fitness to take part. If you are in any doubt about your readiness to participate, please consult a Doctor, especially if you have an existing injury or suffer from cardiovascular or respiratory disorders, or if you are seriously overweight for your height.
A Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire is required to be completed before participation in any Nordic Fitness sport. Heathley will provide the Questionnaire.
All Nordic Fitness sports are fully insured.

Advice and Guidance

Heathley offers advice and guidance on techniques, equipment choice and maintenance (including Alpine/Nordic ski waxing), clothing, and choice of location for all Nordic Fitness sports. Simply email a question, and a response will be provided to you within 2 days.

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